Divorce Coaching: Stop Getting Caught Up in the Back & Forth Messages

If you are Coparenting with an Impossible Ex, reading through, making sense of, and responding to messages can be a huge source of daily stress, anger, overwhelm and fear.
Julie Beckerman can help you:
  • Stop getting caught in the downward spiral of back and forth text and email fights
  • Communicate with your coparent in a way that you can feel confident about
  • Put yourself in the best position to get to the outcome you’re looking for
  • Communicate with your coparent in a way that won’t make you look or sound like “the crazy one” should a lawyer, judge or anyone else ever see them

Stop expending so much time and energy on the back and forth messages and learn how to communicate with your ex in a way that is effective and empowered.

Learn strategies to help you shift the worries you have about your kids into learning opportunities that help keep them safe and empowered around high conflict behaviors and all relationships going forward.