Divorce is hard in the best of situations. But in cases of High Conflict Divorce, it’s an absolute nightmare. In High Conflict Divorce situations, resolutions around custody and finances can’t be reached, courts get involved, and cases can get dragged out for years. It can be painful, overwhelming, scary and exhausting.

The only way to win is to come to an agreement, either by settling or going to trial. You will be pushed to give up things that matter to you so that in order to move closer to the end, it feels like you have to lose more and more.

Every divorce is different, but the one thing they all have in common is this:
No one wins.

You will worry about your kids, you will question your decisions, you will cry tears of exhaustion, you will try to explain what life is like to people who only kind of get it.  You will give in on things you swore you would never budge on, you will go days with a smile plastered on your face while your heart breaks.  You will feel like you can’t take it anymore, and you will keep going anyway.  You will make mistakes, you will learn, you will be vulnerable and human.

There is an end and you will get there.
And when you do, remember this: You did the undoable. You made it.

Live a life that makes you happy and you win.