4 Tools Your Kids Need:
A Coparenting Guide

Learn the four things to teach your kids if you are coparenting with an impossible ex.

Overview & Purpose

If you are Coparenting with an Impossible Ex, you feel truly helpless to protect your kids, protect yourself and somehow foster a supportive and loving relationship with their other parent at the same time. Whether itís the things they say, their temper, lies, disappearing acts, how they blame you, or the impact of the conflict and chaos in general, your ex will have an influence on your kids. And if those things have been harmful to you, it makes sense that you would be worried about the harm it would have on your children.

This guide is one of many resources for divorced parents, designed to help you:

  • Teach your kids about high conflict behaviors and alternative ways to deal with others.
  • Redirect negative energy coming from your ex into a teachable moment that
    empowers and protects your children, you, and your relationship in a
    positive way.
  • Give your kids a vocabulary and awareness around recognizing harmful
    behaviors in bullies and high conflict personalities.