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How to be a Badass Co Parent after abuse with Lauren Hunt Esq and Julie Beckerman

Juliet and Mike sit down with attorney Lauren Hunt and high conflict relationship coach Julie Beckerman.

Julie Beckerman on Navigating Relationships

In this podcast Julie Beckerman talks about relationships – their importance in building a legacy and the challenges they present. Julie specializes in helping people redefine their relationships as they navigate divorce and co-parenting.

Beautifully Changed

with Steph Parejamaas

Creating Space for Yourself in a High Conflict Relationship with Julie Beckerman

Summary Through more than a decade of loss, battling addiction, an eating disorder, and a high-conflict divorce that cost her close to a quarter of a million dollars in legal fees, Julie Beckerman learned how to create space for herself no matter what is going on around her.

Navigating Divorce and Co-Parenting with Julie Beckerman

Julie Beckerman helps individuals learn to navigate and redefine their relationships through the divorce and coparenting process, specializing in high conflict situations.

From Working on Wall street to Divorce Coaching and Why Reinvention is so Important

In this episode, I chatted with Julie Beckerman of Aspire to Growth. We talk about her many “second chances” in life and how she went from working on wall street to being a stay at home wife to then getting divorced and finding her new career through her experience.

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Divorce coach Julie Beckerman shares tips on coparenting during the holidays

Finding Freedom & Choice Through the Divorce


Lose the Weight of Self-Judgment and Gain So Much More

Eight years ago I was standing on a subway platform, looking down at the tracks and the rats thinking, “I could jump in front of the next train. Or not. Doesn’t matter. I’m dead inside anyway.”

There were many things that led to that point. Some things were big–like when my younger brother died–but mostly it was small things. Lots and lots of small things piling up into a big, heavy mess.

The Best Kept Secret
What’s important to know is that in each one of those moments I looked outside of myself for an answer. A million little moments all shouting at me in unison “you can’t be trusted.”

In one of my journals from high school I’d written, “it seems like everyone else is in on a secret that I’m not in on.”

I felt that way for most of my life.

Aspire to see these changes as opportunities for which you’re thankful.