Julie is a fantastic coach and it was an absolute pleasure to work with her. She is a great listener and created the space for me to share anything and everything with her during our sessions. I loved that Julie always asked the right questions to make sure I really hashed out what I needed to in order to move on and really commit to my goals, which also further deepened my understanding of myself, my values and how I show up in the world. She also celebrated my wins with me along the way which made me feel like I was totally rocking it and then some. I will definitely use Julie again in the future!
Victoria M.
I've been a coaching client of Julie Beckerman for about two months and the difference in my life is truly remarkable. Encouraged by Julie's intuitive and empathetic coaching, I've tackled goals and projects I've been avoided for a very long time - one task I'd been putting off for about 10 years - within my first week working with Julie it was done!

Julie listens carefully to help me set goals and tasks to complete, and she also probes to get to what is really important to me - sometimes uncovering hidden blocks that are the real reason I've been avoiding something. Working with Julie, I've become more social, more productive and more organized - I can't thank her enough.

Colleen S.
Julie is pure joy filled with warmth. She shows much respect to all her 'students' and her intelligence shines through. In my humble opinion, not only is she a gem, but a gifted young lady! Some of Julie's strengths are the confidence she exudes in a teaching setting that naturally commands the attention and participation of her students. She is a pleasure to LOOK at and always smiling, as well as noticing everyone!
She is a champion...working with her, we are left feeling SOO GOOD!! She really has a gift to bring out the best in others.
Whomever hires her will certainly be the better for it!
Beverly F.
This product is really awesome!
John SmithHead of ACME